Another Update!

It’s been a while, I know, but I just wanted to give people an update on my work.

I’d like to thank everyone who has continued to read and support my fanfiction.  I’m sorry there have been no recent updates, but I have been working on an original project I hope you will all be interested in to read.

You may have noticed I have recently taken down Drawn to You.  I know this was a popular piece, and please don’t worry, it’s not been scrapped.  But due to a lack of time to dedicate to it at present I have decided to put it on hold along with other stories.  When Drawn to You does return, it will be re-written; this is because of a conflict of interests with my fanfiction and original work.

So far, the only fanfiction I will currently be continuing with is Not From Here.  When I have a chance to update I cannot say at this present time, but if you follow my Facebook page or Twitter I will post updates there when a new chapter will be posted.

Thank you for reading,

~ Roux Roux ~


Hello, Everyone.

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything here, but I have been super busy.

I just wanted to give people a quick update on what I am doing, as I have had people asking me when I will next be updating my fanfiction.

As some of you may already know, I am starting to write my own original piece of fiction, which has resulted in me cutting back on my fanfiction writing while I dedicated time to this project.  So far all is going well with my new project and I’m very excited about it.

However, I also have other commitments in my life: work, family, fitness, and just living life in general, which has made dedicating time to writing fanfiction really hard.  Because of this, and also because I dedicate most of my writing time to my new venture, I am having to cut back even further on my fanfiction.  Unfortunate to say, Drawn to You will now also be going on hold.  Currently, the only piece of fanfiction I will be writing is Not From Here, please keep watching this blog as well as my Facebook page and Twitter (links on the side bar) for further information.

Take care.

~ Roux Roux ~

All Quiet on the Western Side

I must apologise for my lack of posts, but I wanted to let everyone know I haven’t disappeared.

Things have been very busy, and I have not had the time to update my blogs or fanfiction.

Some good news though, I’m hoping to have a review of the Hunger Games trilogy posted in the next few weeks.  I also have an update for Not From Here waiting in the wings and I’m hoping to get that up soon.

I also hoping to have my first, original, piece of fiction published this year, hopefully.  I will be blogging more about this soon.

~ Roux Roux ~


If anyone would be interested in a pet portrait, check out this blog by artist/illustrator Alexandra Rolfe

Blog Challenge #1

Blog Challenge #1


I mentioned in a previous blog post I would be starting my blog challenges.  It’s just a little bit of fun and optional for you to join.  If you would like to join in, please read the rules below.


When taking part in the blog challenge, please write a blog post about the criteria stated for the blog challenge, then post it on your blog.  Please remember to post at the beginning you are taking part in “Roux Roux’s Blog Challenge #(the relevant No. goes here)” and include a link to my original blog post on your blog entry.

Then reply in the comments on my relevant blog post you have taken part, with a link to your blog post so I can comment back and promote your blog post.

Please keep all entries clean and respectful.  Anything offensive or inappropriate will not be acknowledged by me as part of the challenge.

There are no closing dates on the blog challenges.

10Things Which Annoy You:


List 10 things which annoy you, including a brief description why.  Please keep things clean and non-offensive.

  1. Spitting in the street.  I often hear the phrase “It needs to come out” when people try to justify this habit.  Now I’m not one to begrudge people removing phlegm from their body when needs be, but is it so much to ask they do is discreetly; like in a tissue or bush, instead of right in front of your feet where you’re trying to walk.  Also, I’ve never noticed any phlegm or mucus infested spit on the streets.  It makes me wonder if this dirty habit is done more to look cool than actual necessity!
  2. The fact two thirds of the judges on America has talent are British.  I’m not anti Britain, I hale from East London, but I can’t help scratching my head at this fact.  I wouldn’t mind so much if they were likeable people.  Yet, one of them is the wailing banshee wife of Ozzy Osborne, famed for posting excrement to people.  The other is the smarmy Piers Morgan.  There is a good reason why so few people like Piers and Sharon in England.
  3. Twilight. Terrible vampire/young adult fiction.  For characters who have been considered role models for the younger generation, I can’t help but be mortified if my potential daughter wanted to be like Isabella Swan.  Plus, sparkling vampires will never be acceptable.
  4. Fifty Shades trilogy.  In my opinion, these books are theft of Stephanie Meyer’s characters and ideas.  Yet the outstanding success of the books is basically society saying such an amoral thing is okay.  It’s not by the way.
  5. Coldplay.  This band is so boring I’d recommend an insomniac listen to them.  I’m completely baffled why they are so successful in America.  In England, we were happy when they left, even more so when they announced they were quitting music…which unfortunately never happened.
  6. Automated phone messages calling me.  I get these a lot.  I’m fed up of being offered claim backs on my PPI when I don’t have any, being told I can get thousands of pounds for my injury when I haven’t had a major accident in my life, or informed I’ve won a fantastic prize even when I haven’t entered any competitions.
  7. People who ignore the un-written etiquette on public transport. Is it so much to ask people stand on one side of the escalators so others can walk up and down the opposite side if they choose to?  Is it so much to ask people to move down the whole of the train platform instead on congregating in the middle and blocking the entrance to and off the platform? Is it so much to ask you don’t use a seat for you bag and allow the little old lady to sit down on her hour long journey?  Apparently it is.  There are reasons why people do these small gestures.  One, it’s common sense. Two, it’s polite. And three, it makes travelling so much easier.
  8. Adam Sandler. The guy is seriously not funny, and I wish he would stop making films!
  9. People who insist the snow is pretty, and don’t let people with opposing opinions voice their thoughts. Some people really fail to understand what a nuisance the snow is, and as a country, England is unable to cope with it.  When the snow falls heavily, it’s pretty much guaranteed the whole country will come to a stand still for the next few days.  This is particularly annoying if you need to travel or are waiting for an important delivery, and if anyone says any thing about it we’re told to stop complaining and enjoy the pretty weather.  Seriously, I don’t care if it’s pretty, all I want is my journey to work to take me half an hour, not two and a half hours!
  10. Drivers who beep their horn instantaneously.  I don’t even drive, but this really gets me grinding my teeth.  Whenever traffic comes to a stand still, there is always that driver who is beeping their horn within seconds of coming to a stop.  Don’t they realise there must be some reason why people have stopped; like someone crossing the road, an accident up ahead, or a red light.  Them holding the horn down, trying to burst my eardrums isn’t going to get traffic moving any quicker!

Another Update

Another Update:

I bring good and bad news.

After much soul searching, I have come to the decision to drop more fanfiction stories.  For those who have been reading the Destiny & Choices series, I have decided to no longer continue the series after Undead Bullets.  I originally had big plans for this series, and there was going to be a vast amount of original characters.  Unfortunately, due to the little response this series has had, mainly because it is not an Eric/Sookie love story (I don’t mean to be cynical, I’m just stating a fact), I’m beginning to wonder if it is worth my time and effort.

Destiny & Choices would have been a huge project, but with such little feedback, it was getting disheartening.  Not only that, writing Destiny & Choices in the True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries fandom really was getting restrictive.  Charlaine Harris has built her universe for SVM, and trying to fit the universe I am building around it was not always easy.  Charlaine did many things I did not like or would not have contemplated doing, and I either had to completely rewrite some of her rules/situations or completely omit them from my fanfiction.  With these facts present, I really feel it is best to let this series go from my fanfiction.

As sad as I am to end writing this piece of fanfiction, I am not throwing the series away completely.  It has often been an aspiration of mine to branch out into writing my own original fiction, and I have been working on my own original ideas for quite some time.  It is my intention to take my ideas and characters from Destiny & Choices, and use them in a series of original novellas.  I can’t help feeling my characters from this series will fair better with an audience who want to read about new characters, than an audience who want to read about their favourite, and already established, characters.

Another piece of news I have, is I will be putting Questionable Loyalty on hold.  Even with the termination of Destiny & Choices, I still currently have three, on-going fanficton stories.  All of which are quite big projects, and rather time consuming; it is hard to find time to write all these stories, plus work on my own original work.  I really want to get myself onto the indie-writing scene and selling my work, and to make time to do such a thing, I need to cut back on my fanfiction writing.

I will currently be continuing with Drawn to You and Not From Here as side projects.  Once I have finished either Drawn to You or Not From Here, then I will be returning to Questionable Loyalty.

I hope all my fans can understand my decision.  I have appreciated all your support in my fanfiction writing, and I have been amazed by just how much people have enjoyed my work.  I am not completely abandoning fanfiction, but I am taking steps towards a bigger and more exciting future.  I hope all who have followed me through my fanfiction writing will continue to follow me in my new direction, and have as much enjoyment from my new projects as you have done from my previous work.  Again, I thank you all for your support so far.

~ Roux Roux ~

News & Updates

News & Updates.


Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been able to blog much recently, everything has been super busy.  I just wanted to give people the heads up on some new features coming and progress on my move from


Currently I am in the process of uploading my work to The Writer’s Coffee Shop, as a second home for my fanfiction besides Archive of Our Own.  Currently I have uploaded Good Luck in Getting Out, Movie Night, You Lost, and I am in the process of uploading Drawn to You.  All the mentioned stories are now available on The Writer’s Coffee Shop.  This process of uploading my stories will take some time, as I am also re-editing my stories along the way before posting.


I’ve also started a new feature on my Facebook Page, called Question of the Day.  This is a fun little segment you can take part in by replying in the comments – Please keep all replies clean and respectful.  You are not obliged to take part, but if you would like to, just answer my posted questions in the comments section.


I also have plans to start a blog challenge.  I’ll basically set a challenge to blog about, I will post the first blog and leave it open for you guys to respond.  If you would like to take part in any of my blog challenges, please just blog you response with a note redirecting back to my original blog post, then post me your link to your blog response in the comments section of my original blog.  I don’t know how regular this will be, it depends how busy I am and how quickly I can come up with ideas.  Anyway, it’s just a bit of fun.


I am also building a directory page of talented people (writers/artists/musicians/etc…) and cool websites & communities.  If you would like to be featured on this please contact me here.


Lastly, on the 7th July 2012, I will be helping illustrator, Alexandra Rolfe, with her Pet Portraits stool for the Shoreditch, Canine Games festival.  Dedicated to doggies, please come and check it out and bring your pooch too.  Don’t forget to check out Alexandra Rolfe’s stool that day, as well as her work here.


Please keep checking my Twitter and Facebook for further news and updates, or just to see what I’m rambling on about.


~ Roux Roux ~

Further Update on My Move From and on My Fanfiction Writing

Further Update on My Move From and on My Fanfiction Writing:

As some of you may know, I recently left for reasons stated here.  I also mentioned previously, I would be continuing to write my fanfiction, posting on AO3, and find other sites to post my work on.  My fanfiction will now be available on the Writer’s Coffee Shop.  I currently have two one-shots posted on TWCS, but I will be posting the rest of my work.  As there is quite a vast quantity, this will take some time.  I also intend to be reviewing some of my earlier pieces and improve them, which will also take time, but my catalogue of work will eventually be available on TWCS.

For those who are members of AO3, you can read my entire True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries fanfiction there.  Unfortunately, this website is still in its beta phase and you can only sign up via invite; this process can be quite lengthy in waiting for invites.  If anyone knows of any other places I can post my work, please let me know, I would love to check it out.

Now for some bad news.

Due to commitments, I have come to the decision to cut some of my fanfiction stories.  I have a vast number of them, but unfortunately I do not have the time to dedicate to them properly and cannot see them being completed.  It is a shame to do this, but if I continue with all of my stories I can see it impairing on my work; which is something I do not want to do.  I endeavour to produce the best pieces I can, and in doing so this takes time.  I realistically cannot dedicate enough time to every project, and thus I need to cull what has now become deadweight.  The list below are the stories I will no longer be continuing with –

Devil May Cry Fandom: Truth be Told

Final Fantasy VII Fandom: Didn’t Deserve Her

Final Fantasy XII Fandom: Pirate Princess, Scandal

Ace Attorney (Apollo Justice) Fandom: Couldn’t Keep His Eyes off You

True Blood/Southern Vampire Mysteries Fandom: Dracula

The rest of my on-going stories will continue.

I apologise to anyone who was reading the above stories, but I really feel this is the best decision.  I appreciate all my fans of my work, and I hope you continue to enjoy my future work.

~ Roux Roux ~

Further Explanation on my Departure from

As some of you may be aware, I have recently taken down my fanfiction from  I have been unable to give much insight on this decision until now.

First off: it was my decision to leave

Some people who use, or have used, will be aware of two groups on there; the LU and LAWLCAN.  These two groups take it upon themselves to police and report/flame stories and authors they feel breech’s guidelines and/or TOS (terms of service).  Authors and stories targeted will be those that are the unaccepted format (scripts, lists, interactive, song-fics…), incorrectly categorised/rated stories, containing content that exceeds’s M rating, and containing bad grammar/spelling.

In one respect, the LU and LAWLCAN’s actions can be considered virtuous.  After all, they are trying to uphold standards and rules set by  However, to achieve this, the LU and LAWLCAN themselves break guidelines and TOS.  Mass reporting and flaming (sending harassing/derogatory reviews and messages) are against’s guidelines and TOS, yet these tactics employed by the LU and LAWLCAN is allowed to continue and is equal to cyber bullying – another aspect which is against.

The LU and LAWLCAN break TOS to get what they want but are not penalised for their actions.  Authors who have suffered abuse from members of these two groups often find their accounts or stories removed from with little or nothing being done about the wrong doing they have endured.

This hardly seems fair to me.  It seems like it is one rule for some users and another for the rest.  In my opinion, cyber bullying is far worse than a story with some bad language and poor grammar.  Readers always have the option to ignore stories of poor quality or they don’t like; cyber bullying is not so easily ignored!

What makes this even more frustrating, is that the LU and LAWLCAN are not officially associated with and are not an authority for the site.  Members of these two groups target stories they personally feel breech the guidelines or TOS, when in retrospect the story could well be adhering to the guidelines and have done nothing wrong. will see a story/author being constantly reported or receiving negative reviews for “inappropriate content” and they will remove the story/author without necessarily reviewing the piece themselves.

It all seems very unfair; despite user’s complaints on such behaviour, has done nothing about this and the LU and LAWLCAN have continued in their activities.  Recently, things have worsened as the LU and LAWLCAN have gone into overdrive and has pulled hundreds, possibly thousands, of stories and authors from their site – some unfairly and wrongly so.  It is rumoured that parents have also been complaining about their children having access the sexually and violently graphic stories (though there is no solid proof of this), and has caused to act so rashly just recently.

This is just idiocy; as such actions will not solve the problem.  It is very easy to post stories on that exceeds the maximum M rating.  Instead of creating fail-safes that help prevent younger users from reading stories unsuitable for them, or making it harder for users to post stories with content they do not want on their site, they are happy to allow groups like the LU and LAWLCAN run havoc on their site because they are too lazy to monitor the site themselves.  Even though has recently culled many offending stories (a good number were also unfairly taken down), they will gain more users who will no doubt post inappropriate stories, thus making the LU/LAWLCAN kick up a big fuss and having to axe many stories once again.  It is a vicious circle with many innocent authors getting caught in the crossfire with little or no support from

It is a sad state of affairs, for it is the many number of authors that has made what it is today.  It is because of these authors we go to read fanfiction, and even give it a go ourselves. is one of the biggest sites for fanfiction, yet they have little regard for their authors.  It is because of such attitudes I have chosen to leave and join sites that are more accommodating and versatile to its users.

I have not given up my fanfiction and will continue to work on my projects.  Right now, all my work is available on AO3 (link at the top of the site) and I will also be posting on the Writer’s Coffee Shop eventually.  More news on my fanfiction and other projects will be coming soon.  Big changes are coming so please keep an eye on this blog.

~ Roux Roux ~ Announcement

Due to certain circumstances, I have had to remove my work from


However, I am not abandoning my work; I will be finding new places to post my work.  Please keep checking this blog for updates on what is going on.  You can also follow my twitter: @ Roux1000 or like my Facebook page for updates and news.


I will post an update soon with further information.


~ Roux Roux ~


Feeling Humbled

Feeling Humbled

This is my first ever blog post – excluding the reviews because they’re a different type of content to this blog – and it’s completely different to what I had originally planed to post.  (No doubt I will be making the mentioned post later on).  You see, like most bloggers, I aspire to be a writer (hark, how original).  Ever since I was young I was always writing stories; I loved getting carried away with my imagination – admittedly some of it wasn’t very good, but then I was only six at the time.  However, having since reinvigorated me passion for writing and receiving some positive comments I thought I should give my dream a go.

So here I am, writing my first blog post.  Like other aspiring writers I’ve been doing my rounds on the social networking, IE: Twitter, @Roux1000, and in doing so I’ve discovered many talented authors and read many interesting blogs.  It was as I was doing the rounds that I came across this blog, Getting Published for Fiction Writers, and read the piece on dialogue.

I’m always on the look out to how I can improve, and as I was reading I came to realise I was guilty of committing some of the crimes mentioned in Getting Published for Fiction Writers.  Naturally I took on board the mistakes I had made and how to correct them, and started utilising the new skills into my own work.  It was as I were making these corrections I realised that despite how far I had come, there was still so much to learn and a feeling of humbled gratitude washed over me.

It got me thinking (gonna get philosophical here), that despite how old, educated, or egotistical we are, this universe is so vast and expansive with all there is to learn that no one man or woman can know everything, and just every so often we’re gonna have to eat humble pie and hold our hands up and say ‘I was wrong there’ or ‘I didn’t know that’.  I am in no way shamed by this revelation, in fact I am grateful to the blogger, Dee Ann Waite, and her blog because it taught me something new and put me right on a mistake I was making.  However, I was just wondering if any one here had a moment like I did, or maybe they know someone who can never admit they’re wrong.

On the whole I just felt like sharing my rambling thought, and yes, I know this is a short post…but then again, that might not be a bad thing.

~ Roux Roux ~